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More about me ...

  • I have a BA in Creative Writing, and dream of writing a series of children’s books one day. During my college years I was able to explore it was through art, writing, and photography where a part of my true self started to emerge.
  • I am 100% self-taught artist: I was through my experience as an editor that I started painting, and exploring mixed-media and illustration. My paintings weren’t masterpieces at first, but evolved over time — and I found that once I started, I couldn’t stop.
  • I worked as Assistant Senior Managing Editor for a handful Stampington & Company’s sister publications. Some of my magazines include Somerset Workshop, Somerset Studio Gallery, Holidays & Celebrations, Prims Magazine, Artful Blogging, and Sew Somerset.
  •  I am former Shoppe at Somerset's buyer, manager, and artist-in-residence for Stampington & Company. It's was a place where I was able to do business stuff, but also explore my artistic side even more, making art weekly for The Studio, taking project and product photos for the website, and best of all ... experiment with new products.
  • I live in South Orange County with my husband, and our dog, Lulu.
  • And best of all, I get to teach other to paint and explore their creativity through workshops, paint parties, and private art lessons.

I'm glad you are here.

xoxo, Jenn


Hello, and welcome to the land of make believe  a place where dreaming is a requirement, inspiration is encouraged, and creativity runs wild.  

My name is Jennifer Taylor — I am the Creative Director and Content Producer for Jenn Taylor Studio. A dreamer and believer that anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

 I am on a mission to help others tap into their own creativity through art, stories, character, and color. I believe that the universe is full of magic and whimsy, and that our minds are a powerful tool fueled by imagination. We are put on this planet to dream, grow, and create.

 I always wanted to be an artist and writer when I grew up, I often admired others who already were, and dreamed one day of it being my reality.

 Through painting, doodling, and drawing, my voice and style started to emerge.  While I am a dreamer, I am also a doer, taking steps toward creating the life I am meant to live, and sharing my talents with others. I want others to join me on my mission to be inspired to paint, believe in the magic and whimsy of the universe, one painting at a time.